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Hunting on Congress Media Coordinator .. In the wake of comments on Sivakumar .. | Karnataka Congress media coordinator expelled


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Updated: Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 23:49 [IST]

Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee Media Coordinator MA Salim has been sacked. The party took the decision after a video emerged of KPCC chief DK Shiv Kumar making objectionable remarks. Former MP VS Ugrappa is also in the video. The leaked video shows Salim saying that DK Shiva Kumar and his associates took bribes. Salim said it was six to eight per cent earlier, which was 10 to 12 per cent. He said that all this was an adjustment made by DK Sivakumar and that his colleague Mulgund had earned between Rs 50 crore and Rs 100 crore, in which case DK Sivakumar could have imagined more.

  Karnataka Congress media coordinator expelled

Brought to the attention of the Karnataka Congress Disciplinary Committee. The group decided to expel Salim from the party for six years. Showcause sent notice to Ugrappa. Ugrappa told the media on Wednesday that DK Shiva Kumar had denied the allegations of corruption. Shiva Kumar is working for the people. The commissions said Congress was far from corrupt. They are working to make the state corruption free. Salim was referring to the allegations made by the BJP against DK Shiva Kumar.

Former MP VS Ugrappa spoke to media on Wednesday in the wake of the video clip now going viral. Media Coordinator Salim..Some people said that DK Sivakumar was taking money. In fact, it is an allegation made by the BJP .. Salim is just telling me this. Saleem made me aware of the allegations being made against BJP party DK Sivakumar. I spoke to Saleem after the press conference..he made it very clear that the remarks made against Shivakumar were not his allegation … it was an allegation made by the BJP and others. “If the media asks you questions about this, you should be informed … that is why I told you,” Ugrappa said. He said they had discussed the BJP’s remarks on DK Sivakumar and had not made any personal remarks against him.

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English summary

Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee media coordinator MA Salim has been expelled from the party for six years after a video surfaced in which he allegedly badmouths party president DK Shivakumar.


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